Do Your Best Customers Like to Laugh?

Marketing is about what?  Selling your product or service?  Yes, that’s true.  I just checked an MBA Marketing Principles 551 textbook and it told me it was true.  Going about that can be so much more of a challenge.  Some marketing experts, Seth Godin is one of them (I found this on his blog), believe that creating a product that people want in the first place will take care of quite a bit in the way of marketing.  Your sales people will thank you for the fact that they won’t have to really go out and sell that piece of …. in the box. 

Dare I say, a second goal of marketing a product, is creating a connection with people.  Connecting what?  Connecting people at the company to the customer?  Connecting the people at the company, the customer, and the product all together?  Yea…  in certain industries, that can be critical.  It could be everything.  You may not need this extraordinary bond with everyone, but it may be critical to have it with your best customers.  Given the 80/20 rule, and your best customers are a small 20% or less of the total that contribute 80% of your business…

I see this tag in a store and I chuckle inside.  "Dorks", I remark about the packaging designers at Puma.  But I appreciate it.  In some ways, I admire it.  That’s a connection.  As they point out, 96% of the people may not even read the tag.  But it’s the 4% who do, that Puma REALLY wants to make and keep a connection with.  If you’re product comes from who you are, there may be little ways like this that you can create a connection with people just like you, who will love your product.