Selling to Mass Market through Big Box Retailers and Department Stores

Kathleen at the Fashion-Incubator blog has written a great post on selling to retail chains and department stores for new product developers, and created a list of issues and tasks that will be involved in selling to these companies. 

What might you need to know about before considering the mass market channel?

  1. Vendor compliance standards
  2. EDI -electronic data interchange
  3. Getting paid -Factoring needed.
  4. Discounts and returns
  5. Penalties for non-compliance (chargebacks)

Check out the fashion incubator blog for a discussion of each of these.  Whether your product is in the fashion apparel category or not, your company will address all of them at some point in the process (although factoring may not be relevant to other categories, financing may be). 

These issues also remind me of some topics I covered with Barbara Carey, a friend and mentor of mine who has turned her own successful method of developing and marketing products in the mass channel into a formula for others to follow.  Check out the 3 parts of the interview: Interview With Barbara Carey, Part III: Working with Buyers, Team Members, and Other Third Parties, Interview With Barbara Carey, Part II: Pricing Your Product, Interview With Barbara Carey: A Woman With Something To Teach You About Successful Products and Business