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As an entrepreneur or member of a start-up, getting good information quickly is the key to making decisions and moving your company forward. There are thousands of bits of information about the consumer product sourcing and manufacturing process scattered across the internet. It’s nice that the information is out there, but not only do you have to spend hours of time tracking it down, but how can you tell if the information is even accurate?

Global Sourcing Specialists’ Resources section was created with the goal of saving you the pain of research and the risk that you’ll get bad information, by providing information on what we’ve experienced as the most important and often asked about topics in product development, sourcing, and manufacturing. We’ll continue to expand this section, but below is a taste of what’s to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Top 5 Questions About Sourcing and Manufacturing
The Top 6 Questions About Sourcing a Manufacturer in China


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Laine Caspi
President, Parents of Invention