Top 5 Questions About Sourcing and Manufacturing

This resource section is intended to give you the knowledge you need to make you more effective in the process of starting and growing your business.  Below is a list of the top 5 questions we receive about the issues of sourcing, manufacturing, working with sourcing consultants, and whether to manufacture in the U.S. or in a country like China.

If you have further questions related to your specific product or company, contact us. Just like the info below, we’ll give you straight answers.

1) What do I need to have before sourcing factories?

2) What should be included in my design package when I source and review my project with manufacturers?

3) What qualities should I look for in a sourcing and manufacturing consultant?

4) What is the general process of sourcing a factory and manufacturing my product?

5) How do I decide whether to manufacture domestically or abroad in a country like China?


GSS’ performance throughout the entire process confirmed that we made the right selection and in every case you met or surpassed our expectations for what we asked you to do.

Ken Bertaccini
Former President, AT&T Consumer Products