Customers & Case Studies

A sample of clients to date:

Mattel Sega
Revell Spin Master
Parents of invention Ubrand
Paceasy Cansporter
Evo Gyrobike
Jellyfish Art On the Ball Fitness
RallyHand Hem Gems
Beauty Weapons Lassen Scientific
Air Armor Aloft Enterprises
Aviva Baby Human
Bedard Designs Brand CG
Innovative Crib Designs Diana Lin Designs
Bamboo Strength ErgoMop
EzFoamGlove Far Fetched
Haute Lunch High Society Spirits
Phat Tape Moonga


Ken Bertaccini, Former President, AT&T Consumer Products

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the outstanding job that Global Sourcing Specialists (GSS) did for us.

We talked to a number of firms in our search to find the best company that could help us evaluate the Chinese manufacturing source for the company that we were acquiring. We decided to employ GSS based on our belief that you possessed the best set of competencies necessary to assist us in our efforts. In addition, in those early discussions you listened carefully to our requirements and were very responsive to finding a way to meet our needs. Based on those criteria we selected GSS. Your performance throughout the entire process confirmed that we made the right selection.

You performed every part of the evaluation of the company and factory that we would be partnering with in an outstanding manner. In every case you met or surpassed our expectations for what we asked you to do. The result was we received a complete and accurate report that allowed us to go forward with this acquisition knowing that we would have a quality manufacturing partner.

As we move forward, we will be in need of services from a company like yours again. Based on your performance in this project, you can be sure that we will call on you and GSS to help us in the future.

Laura Mulholland and Julia Houck-Whitaker, Cofounders, Hem Gems, LLC

We hired GSS to assist us with our sourcing needs. GSS helped us refine our product and packaging design to keep costs down, negotiated a fair price with the manufacturer for our initial order and met all deadlines for each phases of our project. Thanks to GSS, for making our product idea a reality!

Jeff Coffey, President, YellowBrick Enterprises, LLC

GSS always been great to communicate with. GSS took the time to answer my many questions and were always professional and detailed. I loved that because we are looking for details. We’ve been educating ourselves along the way on how this whole business works and sometimes you get met with resistance and other times you get people who are willing to help out and talk about the business. That’s GSS and I appreciate that.

Russell Short, Founder and CEO, Cansporter, Inc

It is the fact that you follow through to make sure that everything is done properly that makes it a pleasure to work with you.

Laine Caspi, President, Parents of Invention

Global Sourcing Specialists’ services have simultaneously helped us reduce costs, improve efficiency, and expand our presence in the market. The simple fact that they deliver on their promises and always represent our interests overseas makes them a great asset to our company.

Gretchen Frankenstein, COO, Paceasy, Inc.

It was important for us to find a sourcing agent that could understand our needs in terms of sourcing assistance, pricing and quality control. GSS did the job beautifully! They were honest, responsive, extremely patient and communication was excellent. The quotes we received were better than expected, and they worked closely with us every step of the way to ensure that we received top-quality product according to our specifications.

Case Studies

Hem Gems

Hem Gems LLC contacted GSS with a back-of-the-napkin product concept that they wanted to design, manufacture, and sell through multiple, international retail channels. GSS accomplished the following for Hem Gems:

  • Engaged a highly-qualified product designer and managed the entire design and development process for Hem Gems
  • Sourced potential manufacturers to understand and achieve the optimal cost/benefit mix in components, materials, and design.
  • Consulted Hem Gems in selecting a manufacturer that offered the most reliable service and high quality product.
  • Negotiated price reductions, minimum order quantity adjustments, and improved payment terms.
  • Managed supplier development, production, quality assurance, and freight forwarding from door-to-door.
  • Obtained a binding ruling from U.S. Customs on the tariff classification for the Hem Gems products.

GSS continues to manage Hem Gems supply chain and, through strategic sourcing initiatives, has achieved continued price reductions of approximately 50%, and product line extensions that will allow for greater customer retention and profitability.

Phat Tape

GSS was hired to consult an acquisition team to assess the target company’s (Phat Tape) main supplier and formally establish a new relationship between the acquirer and the supplier. GSS accomplished the following for Phat Tape:

  • Assisted the acquisition team in developing a factory audit checklist.
  • Managed a factory audit team through the inspection process with the supplier and delivered a detailed report on the supplier capabilities.
  • Consulted Phat Tape on the cost history of the product, manufacturing engineering issues, and design/cost issues to provide a clear understanding of cost drivers, risks, lead times, and design constraints.
  • Facilitated the Phat Tape acquisition team relationship building with the supplier and gained several commitments from the supplier regarding service levels.

On the Ball Fitness

On the Ball Fitness engaged GSS to assist with product development for a fitness product concept intended for licensing. GSS accomplished the following for On the Ball Fitness:

  • Provided design for manufacturing consultation and aided On the Ball Fitness make numerous cost/benefit tradeoff decisions with regard to design and product features.
  • Sourced three qualified suppliers and obtained quotations from each.
  • Performed a costed BOM (Bill of materials) analysis to aid in gaining manufacturing process, material, and pricing improvements with each supplier.


GSS worked closely with us every step of the way to ensure that we received top-quality product according to our specifications and at better-than-projected costs.

Gretchen Frankenstein
COO, Paceasy, Inc.