Developed through OVER THIRTY YEARS in delivering new products to the marketplace, GSS leads clients through a sourcing, development, and manufacturing ramp process that delivers HIGH VALUE in the form of cost, speed, and quality.

RAPID and SUCCESSFUL product development and introduction requires attention to key details that will lay the foundation for profitability and excellence throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Our METHODOLOGY has been cultivated from DEEP EXPERIENCE.

Roger Rambeau, Partner at GSS, shares insight from over 30 years of manufacturing products in countries around the world.

You wouldn’t believe some of the unforeseen issues that can come up when trying to turn an industrial design into a beautiful, functioning product manufactured in the thousands, or millions of units, in an offshore factory. Over thirty years of manufacturing experience in Asia, South America, and Europe, has taken me through a lot.

For example, China has gone through tremendous change since I made my first trip in 1971. Companies seeking out manufacturers in China for their products must realize that you will be navigating a dynamic environment of factories and people, large and small, good and bad. It’s imperative to find the right group for the job: a factory that has the engineering and technological capabilities, production capabilities, quality control processes, business practices, and all the while meeting your cost targets. Even companies that have been operating overseas for decades run into trouble with these issues.

Whichever country you manufacture product in, the first step involves setting up your offshore operations correctly. There is a popular saying in the industry, “quality isn’t stamped on at the end: it’s built into the product from the very beginning”. The same wisdom can be said for the quality of the manufacturing operations, in any country, that support the success of your company and product line. Challenges will arise, but if you start out on the right foot, you’ll be in a position to quickly resolve issues and move forward. If you aren’t working with a factory that can help you do this, this could become problematic.

Secondly, you must stay on top of what your factories are doing. Too many companies have made the mistake of believing that, after a few successful orders, the work is done. Oversight is still necessary. Someone needs to verify that all the good things you’ve set up will continue to take place.

We’ve looked at challenges stemming from different weather conditions at factories all over the world and the U.S. market. We’ve helicoptered product off a freightliner in order to fulfill orders on time. We’ve dealt with problems in design, materials, tooling, machines, staff, inventory, and quality. We’ve walked through and worked with hundreds, possibly thousands of factories to build products. I’ll tell you, every new product and factory will present its own unique advantages and challenges.

The key is knowing how to quickly and effectively navigate the issues that come up, and you only build that expertise by going through all of the successful, failed, and extraordinary experiences that we’ve seen come up over the last three decades in factories around the world. Our goal, is to transform our deep experience in manufacturing in these places into value for you and your company.


GSS’ performance throughout the entire process confirmed that we made the right selection and in every case you met or surpassed our expectations for what we asked you to do.

Ken Bertaccini
Former President, AT&T Consumer Products