Product Design & Development

Bring Your Innovations to Life.

New product innovation must be supported by excellence and efficiency in the product development and sourcing processes. Engaging key manufacturing parties early allows for parallel development and production ramp processes–helping our clients achieve greater flexibility and speed-to-market.

Engineering Support

GSS assists clients tap both domestic and overseas engineering talent to carry out engineering tasks and support. We match the level of engineering manpower and expertise to your needs, and depending on the project, we have the capability to provide simple CAD drawings, or the engineering of an entire product line.

Prototype Creation

Develop cost-effective prototypes and mock-ups of your product quickly for design, marketing, and development purposes. We provide your company with access to prototype experts and cutting-edge technologies to build effective representations of your product in this critical phase of the development process.

Manufacturing Development

Key Manufacturing Details for the early stages of product development:

  • Cost of goods analysis
  • Component sourcing and design manufactureability
  • Tooling quality and design
  • Quality Assurance Requirements and Verification
  • Agency and Type approval
  • Resolution of production and operations issues

We inject our own expertise and experience, as well as feedback from manufacturing partners at the beginning. GSS can assist you in addressing critical questions and issues at the outset. For example:

  • What are the true cost drivers of the product?
  • What materials or fabrics will achieve both quality and cost requirements?
  • How housing design will affect tooling cost?
  • What is available in the way of battery life?
  • What is the lead time for IC design?
  • Are there environmentally friendly materials available and suitable for this product?
  • Which materials will and will not suit the product and finishing processes?
  • What is the cost of clamshell packaging versus blister?

Acting on good information translates into development flexibility, a strong foundation for the product life cycle, and ultimately fulfilling business objectives successfully.

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GSS worked closely with us every step of the way to ensure that we received top-quality product according to our specifications and at better-than-projected costs.

Gretchen Frankenstein
COO, Paceasy, Inc.