Quality Control

“Not controlling the hidden costs of poor quality can quickly reduce or eliminate all cost-savings found in working with low-cost suppliers. To maintain margins, brand integrity, and ensure customer satisfaction, it is ESSENTIAL to control the quality of product on every order”.

– Ashton Udall, Global Sourcing Specialists

GSS provides quality inspections, quality assurance, and laboratory testing services to our clients. We are your feet on the ground in your source country and your eyes in the factory. Our Total Quality Approach (TQA) begins with sourcing the right suppliers, navigating the development and production processes correctly, and controlling the quality of product prior to shipment from the factory.

GSS provides:

Adherence to industry standard specifications and/or assistance with the development and documentation of custom product specifications

  • Factory and Social Audit (FA & SA)
  • Initial Production Check (IPC)
  • In-line Production Monitoring (PM)
  • Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI)
  • Laboratory Testing (LT)

Working through GSS’ quality control services allows our clients to:

  • Reduce and/or eliminate hidden costs of poor product quality, returns, rework, and non-compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Avoid your supplier breaching contractual terms of product specifications, packaging, shipping markings, and delivery
  • Detect problems at the factory and negotiate solutions

GSS’ Total Quality Approach (TQA):

Quality is not stamped on at the end, but manufactured into every unit from the beginning. Product quality is an issue addressed at every step from the very initial design stage, through sourcing, development, production, to packaging and shipping.  GSS brings “Design for Quality and Manufacturing” expertise every step of the way. Our TQA approach helps our clients avoid working with manufacturers that cause brand and margin erosion through poor product quality and social issue violations.

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It is the fact that you follow through to make sure that everything is done properly that makes it a pleasure to work with you.

Russell Short
CEO, Cansporter Inc.