Manufacturer Sourcing

Finding the needle in a stack of…needles.

Sourcing reliable, cost-competitive manufacturers to support your company’s supply chain can be an incredibly important and challenging task.  How do you go about sourcing to reduce your overall costs?  How do you assure consistent quality with the manufacturers you’ve sourced?

Leverage our experience and ability to locate, qualify, and manage manufacturers that are appropriate for your product and company.  GSS’ sourcing methodology takes risk out of the sourcing process by employing cutting-edge best practices.  Receive manufacturing quotations, Bill of Materials analyses, and product samples from manufacturers before you make critical factory sourcing decisions. GSS visits every factory that we work with to ensure that your company and product are on track for successful manufacturing.

Manufacturer Development

Sourcing the right suppliers is only the beginning.  On behalf of our clients, GSS leads the selected manufacturers through a development process that is integral for new and innovative products. This is a key phase of development in the process that will establish the foundation for quality manufacturing and a mutually beneficial relationship going forward.  Be it strict adherence to a phase-gate development process, or bringing a critical eye to manufacturing issues which arise during the process, GSS works to ensure that the subtleties of the product concept and design are maintained, and often improved upon, when getting suppliers ready to manufacture new products.

Contract Negotiation

GSS helps you negotiate from a position of power in the sourcing process.  Our knowledge of industry and cultural norms, manufacturing expertise, and 3rd party status, give you an advantage of numerous negotiating tactics to help you secure the best relationship terms with your newly sourced vendor.

Manufacturing Management

The suppliers you’ve sourced must be managed for quality and efficiency.  GSS can be your presence on the ground at factories, allowing you to maintain oversight over the production process. We can oversee pilot productions runs, production ramp, and streamline the production process for greater efficiency and quality control.

Assembly and Packaging

Do you want your product to look great on the retail shelf?  Developing and sourcing the best packaging solution may be the key advantage in improving your sell-thru and catching the eye of buyers.  Through GSS, receive assessments and quotations for multiple packaging options. GSS will coordinate packaging art creation, approval, and production. Whether sourcing from one or multiple vendors, GSS coordinates both final assembly, packaging, and packing for shipping to provide clients efficiency in a retail-ready shipment of goods.

Quality Assurance

GSS provides our TOTAL QUALITY APPROACH (TQA) in sourcing, quality audits, quality inspections & quality assurance audits, and laboratory testing. Read more about our TQA here.

During the sourcing process, we inspect manufacturers’ incoming, in-line production, and outgoing quality control processes.  3rd party quality audits are performed for each order, prior to shipment from the factory. GSS can also assist with the development and documentation of quality specifications, as well as 3rd party testing labs and certifications.


To complete our turnkey offering, GSS can provide freight forwarding and customs clearance for each order to the location of your choice.

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GSS worked closely with us every step of the way to ensure that we received top-quality product according to our specifications and at better-than-projected costs.

Gretchen Frankenstein
COO, Paceasy, Inc.