What is the general process of sourcing a factory and manufacturing my product?

The general process of sourcing and manufacturing your product(s) are typically not linear and they differ between products and project.  As you move through the stages, you will gain feedback that may require you to return to earlier steps and adjust your plan.

Thus, this process can be iterative, particularly during the product design and development stages.  In addition, when manufacturing a new product with a newly sourced vendor, things will be learned during the early production runs, which again may require you to adjust on the run.  This is typical and ideally, you and/or your sourcing consultants should always be looking for continuous improvement opportunities.

The Process in General:

A) Product design and development (Depending on your needs, you may begin working with a sourcing consultant or sourcing factories at this stage)

B) Factory sourcing

C) Review of product design package and documentation with sourced factories

D) Initial quotations submitted and reviewed

E) Factory selected based on assessment of quotation about ability of the factory to reliably serve the project.

F) The capability of the supplier to produce the product is developed.  This may involve building molds or tooling, material sampling, sample production, packaging production, testing, etc.

G) Final costing and contract negotiation

H) Production and assembly

I) Quality inspection

J) Shipment


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Laine Caspi
President, Parents of Invention