Why Shouldn’t I Manufacture in China?

It’s very difficult to list general guidelines as to why a company should or shouldn’t source manufacturing in China. Each company and market are different, and competitive factors within a market are never static–thus an intelligent recommendation today may not hold water tomorrow. However, generally speaking, sourcing in China may not be suitable for

A) businesses value very small order quantities.

B) companies that value very fast supply chain responsiveness–meaning you can place an order and receive product within 3-4 weeks or less.

C) businesses that have extremely sensitive, cutting-edge intellectual property which require a protection that is worth the added cost of manufacturing in a higher-cost country like the US.


GSS’ performance throughout the entire process confirmed that we made the right selection and in every case you met or surpassed our expectations for what we asked you to do.

Ken Bertaccini
Former President, AT&T Consumer Products